UN: Negotiation is the only option for resolving Yemen’s crisis

The United Nations Secretary-General underlined that the only option for resolving the crisis in Yemen is negotiation.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon “is aware of reports that other States, in particular members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, are also supporting these [Military] operations,” said a statement released from the office of the UN chief’s spokesperson.

Mr. Ban called for ensuring the protection of civilians and emphasized that “negotiations remain the only option for ultimately resolving the crisis.”

He reminded all parties involved of their obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians and of all humanitarian and UN and associated personnel, as well as of the rules and principles of international human rights law and refugee law.

Mr. Ban also recalled last Security Council’s Presidential Statement – issued on March 22 – which called upon all parties and Member States to refrain from taking any actions that undermine the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen.

The Secretary-General expressed appreciation for his special adviser on Yemen Jamal Benomar’s tireless efforts, stressing he would continue to closely monitor the unfolding situation in Yemen.”

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