Saudi-led forces killed 519 in Yemen in 2 weeks : UN

The United Nations (UN) says at least 519 people, mostly women and children, have so far been killed by the Saudi aggression on Yemen in two weeks, as Saudi Arabia continues to target the country with military strikes.

In a statement on Thursday, UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos said that 1,700 people have also been wounded during clashes between rival groups in Yemen and in the Saudi strikes against the country.

Noting that 90 children were among the victims of the violence, she expressed concern “for the safety of civilians caught in the middle.”

Amos said that tens of thousands of people have fled their homes due to the clashes in the country, with some of them crossing the sea to Djibouti and Somalia.

“Those engaged in fighting must ensure that hospitals, schools, camps for refugees and those internally displaced and civilian infrastructure, especially in populated areas, are not targeted or used for military purposes,” Amos said.

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