PIA prepared to bring stranded Pakistanis from Yemen‏

Two Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) planes are ready to depart for Yemen on Saturday in order to bring back the Pakistanis currently stranded there in wake of the military offensive launched by Saudi Arabia and its allies on Yemen, spokesman for the PM house told media.

The planes will depart as soon as they receive clearance from aviation authorities and the Embassy of Pakistan in Sanaa, the spokesman said.

Upon directions of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a comprehensive plan has been devised for the evacuation of Pakistanis stranded in Yemen.

The spokesman said as state system is collapsing in the war-torn country, most airports are no more functional, because of which some families would be safely taken to Yemen’s neighbouring countries in the form of convoys and airlifted to Pakistan from there.

The prime minister has directed the Embassy of Pakistan in Yemen as well as other concerned departments to take all possible measures for ensuring safety of each and every member of the Pakistani community living in Yemen.

In a statement the premier said, “our hearts beat with our brothers and sisters in distress”.

The spokesman said the prime minister is himself monitoring the situation and has asked to be kept updated on an hourly basis.

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