Justifications to attack Yemen baseless: Nasrallah

Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, has slammed Saudi Arabia’s attack on Lebanon.

During a televised speech delivered late on Friday, Nasrallah said the justifications to attack Yemen are baseless.

Hassan Nasarallah speech video

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Key Points about the Yemen Conflict, and Iran.

Indeed a Fiery Speech delivered. Read all the bullet points below: __________

#Nasrallah: To say the truth, this aggression on Yemen will be an important topic to discuss on a regional level.

#Nasrallah: Our stances on Yemen must be personal and on an organizational level; we must not be divided based off of these stances.

#Nasrallah: In the first few hours of the Saudi aggression on Yemen, Saad Al Hariri quickly took a stance of defending Saudi Arabia.

#Nasrallah: There are many organizations and political personalities that are objecting to negotiations; their words are meaningless though.

#Nasrallah: Now, on a local level, Hezbollah always takes into consideration the importance of national negotiations; esp. btwn Future & us.

#Nasrallah: Of course, a vacuum in the presidential status is very dangerous — there are those that are also blaming Iran for such a thing.

#Nasrallah: It’s not Iran that’s responsible for such a vacuum; it’s Saudi Arabia – for VETO-ing possible presidential candidates.

#Nasrallah: When it comes to presidential elections, Hezbollah makes a decision – not Iran.

#Nasrallah: When we heard that the Saudi war has begun on Yemen, and when we heard that a coalition formed, what’s with all the paranoia?

#Nasrallah: Wow! Look at the Arab dignity and strength! Hm, well, since 1948 – Palestine was suffering, where was your ‘storm’?

#Nasrallah: Palestine was suffering since 1948 – Lebanon was suffering since 1982; we heard nothing from you. No coalition. Nothing.

#Nasrallah: Some claim that the coalition was formed to protect Sunnis. Palestinians are Sunnis; where’s their protection?

#Nasrallah: All of the suffering in the Arab world and this is the first time you initiate your storm? You conspired against Palestine.

#Nasrallah: You sold Palestine to the Israelis and the US! You claim to protect Arabs? What happened to the Arabs in Palestine?

#Nasrallah: Israel was never an enemy in your eyes. This is proof of it.

#Nasrallah: What’s the reason for the aggression on Yemen? Well, you want to restore the authority of a legit President?

#Nasrallah: Well, in Egypt – your position on Mubarak was negative; you supported him – was he legitimate?

#Nasrallah: Well, let’s say Mubarak was legitimate, why didn’t you make a coalition against the Egyptian people? Your excuse is a lie.

#Nasrallah: Okay, let’s listen to the 2nd excuse for war. Apparently, the situation in Yemen threatens Saudi Arabia? Where’s your proof?

#Nasrallah: You’re initiating a war! This isn’t a joke! You can’t use these dumb excuses. Is your religion Bush?!

#Nasrallah: Yemen is a threat to Saudi Arabia? Such military capabilities are a threat to Saudi Arabia?

#Nasrallah: I wish people can put their anger and extremism aside, I am giving you facts – acknowledge them and refute me.

#Nasrallah: You want a war? On Israel? We will join you! But an inexcusable war on another Arab country? Never.

#Nasrallah: You didn’t even let Yemen in the GCC because it’s a poor country. You want to liberate it?

#Nasrallah: Let’s look at the Saudi foreign policy. When was Saudi foreign policy ever successful?

#Nasrallah: Saudi regime mentality doesn’t know what a “people” are? They don’t understand popular legitimacy. Everyone’s a sheep to them.

#Nasrallah: Okay, let’s listen to another excuse — “Iranian occupation of Yemen” – excellent, let me address a problematic mentality.

#Nasrallah: Let’s look at an example; when Israel occupied Lebanon, you all betrayed us. We wanted to resist; Iran helped – you didn’t.

#Nasrallah: Iran’s not the problem; you’re failure, your attitude, your treason is PUSHING Arabs TOWARDS Iran.

#Nasrallah: When we were screaming, Iran helped us – it heard us, it sympathized with us. BUT, we weren’t Iranians. We were Lebanese!

#Nasrallah: But since you don’t recognize a Lebanese cause – everything funded by Iran and backed by Iran is a “sectarian Iranian”!

#Nasrallah: Does Iran have influence in Lebanon? Does Iran have our respect? Yes. Does it occupy us? Never!

#Nasrallah: Can Iran enforce its decisions on us? Never will it be able to do so. But it supports us, that’s enough for us.

#Nasrallah: You have billions of dollars, we don’t want your generals & we don’t want your “storm” – we want humanitarian help for Palestine

#Nasrallah: Iran was surrounded and isolated because of you and the US; yet it helps Palestine – is the Palestinian cause Iranian?!

#Nasrallah: Well! I guess the Palestinian cause is an Iranian cause! You must now take it off Iran, no?! Go ahead.

#Nasrallah: Let’s go to Iraq, you complain about an “Iranian occupation” there, you funded Saddam’s war against Iran, killed thousands.

#Nasrallah: Well! Then you supported Bush’s war on Iraq which also killed thousands!

#Nasrallah: Let’s hear the truth, no? Who funded the suicide bombs in Iraq? That killed Sunnis, Shias, Kurds, etc..? Saudi intelligence.

#Nasrallah: Then we have ISIS and al-Qaeda — you wanted to take down the Syrian regime using them, how did that work?

#Nasrallah: What do you expect from the Iraqi people? You funded Saddam, then supported the US, then supported ISIS..

#Nasrallah: Who first helped the Iraqi people when ISIS was about to occupy all of Iraq? Shias, Kurds etc… is it not Iran?

#Nasrallah: You were losers! You were irresponsible! You dis-served the Iraqi people! You’re complaining about Iran?

#Nasrallah: To take down the Assad regime, you decided to destroy Syria – you prevented the political solution.

#Nasrallah: Who’s burning Syria? It’s simple – Saudi Arabia and its allies. Iran supported a political solution.

#Nasrallah: Then comes the accusations that Hezbollah is occupying Syria. Hilarious. A political party that can occupy a nation.

#Nasrallah: Iran never ordered us anything, not regionally or locally — we’re an independent organization who has allies and friends.

#Nasrallah: Let’s all the sections of Palestinian resistance?! Has Iran EVER ordered you to do anything? Same in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon.

#Nasrallah: Iran isn’t a Persian empire; there was once an Iranian empire occupying Arab lands – the Shah, your ally, your friend.

#Nasrallah: Iran doesn’t want to occupy us. This isn’t the Shah and imperial Iran anymore. Things have changed; you should too.

#Nasrallah: When Saudi Arabia told Hamas to cut ties with Iran, they told Saudi Arabia: Give us weapons and we’ll cut ties.

#Nasrallah: But you don’t want to support the Palestinians; because there’s America, there’s Israel, you won’t dare.

#Nasrallah: If we ask about resistance, the only ones that will support it and will forever support it are Iran and Syria.

#Nasrallah: If we ask about resistance, the only ones that will support it and will forever support it are Iran and Syria.

#Nasrallah: Okay, back to Yemen – you always interfered in Yemen: You always dominated its politics; you always destabilized it.

#Nasrallah: Didn’t you support 6 wars on Houthis? Well, they supported a political solution with you; you don’t want one.

#Nasrallah: Well, you complain that Houthis are under Iran – Houthis proceed Iranian relations; Qatar even had relations w/them!

#Nasrallah: The Yemenis themselves ONLY will decide their future; not Saudi Arabia or Iran. Iran doesn’t want to interfere.

#Nasrallah: All Arab people MUST listen, especially the Saudi people – the real reason for this war is because Saudi Arabia LOST in Yemen.

#Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia is simply afraid because the Yemenis are now their own people and Saudi Arabia simply can’t stand that.

#Nasrallah: Al-Saud want their own people and soldiers to die in Yemen to regain their selfish control.

#Nasrallah: We say this now — we condemn this US/Saudi aggression on Yemen; we wish for it stop – a political solution, nothing else.

#Nasrallah: We call on the people of the participating countries in this war; do you support your Kings’ war? Is this your interest?

#Nasrallah: and I am surprised that the Palestinian Authority – ya Abu Mazen! You have no logic! You support this war too? No logic.

#Nasrallah: Abu Mazen! What kind of Logic do you have?

#Nasrallah: We say that the Yemeni people have a right to resist this aggression! It will win! This is a god-given right!

#Nasrallah: The Kings of Saudi Arabia have a chance for political solution, to live in peace with their neighbors; we support it.

#Nasrallah: The people have a responsibility! Warn your governments and stop them. We love and respect the Saudi people.

#Nasrallah | Speech ends.

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