Iran Concerned About Pakistan Joining Saudi-led Aggression on Yemen

Pakistan foreign ministry sources have disclosed that Iran has conveyed its concerns to Pakistan over the possibility of Pakistan joining the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.

In a meeting between Pakistani Ambassador in Tehran Noor Mohammad Jadmani and a senior Iranian foreign ministry official last week, Iran proposed that the Yemen issue must be dealt with by way of dialogue. Iran also expressed its concerns over the reported willingness of Pakistan in joining the Saudi-led military coalition against Yemen.

According to the source, Tehran had emphasised on a “policy of non-interference” in the Yemeni crisis. The Iranian foreign ministry had also diplomatically cautioned about complications in case of military intervention in Yemen.

Pakistan is under immense pressure from the civil society to not interfere in Yemen’s internal issues and should play role of a negotiator instead of taking sides in this matter. Civil society members have hold several protests outside Saudi embassies around the World to protest against this unwanted war.

Saudi-led jets have recently bombarded a civilian camp and a food factory killing hundreds of civilians mostly women and children.




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