Hundreds protest outside Saudi embassy in Tehran

Hundreds of people demonstrated on Saturday outside the Saudi embassy in Tehran to protest against sexual harassment against Iranian youths by Saudi police.

Official IRNA news agency said about 500 people gathered outside the embassy in northeastern Tehran in a protest that had not been authorised by the authorities.

Media reported that two Iranian teenagers who had gone on Umrah to Saudi Arabia had been sexually harassed by police at Jeddah as they prepared to return home.

State television said Iran summoned the Saudi charge d’affaires to lodge an official complaint and demanded that the case be taken to the courts.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Ghashghavi told the state broadcaster that the two Saudi police had been arrested.

Outside the Saudi embassy, protesters chanted slogans against the Saudi authorities and demanded that Iran shut that country’s diplomatic mission.

“Shame on you. Get off our soil,” the protesters chanted as security forces ringed the embassy.

The protesters also demanded that the Saudi police involved in the sexual harassment be punished.

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