Far-right protesters clash with Muslim worshipers in UK

Clashes have erupted between far-right protesters and worshipers attending Friday Prayers during an anti-Muslim demonstration by the extremists in central London.

Some 100 supporters of fascist groups such as Britain First and the English Defense League (EDL) gathered outside the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center in the capital on Friday.

The demonstrators chanted anti-Islamic slogans and waved banners and placards while people were taking part in afternoon prayers.

The protest came amid the presence of around 100 police officers, who kept the demonstrators away from the mosque entrance.


However, tensions were about to escalate when some far-right supporters surged down the pavement towards a group of Muslims, causing minor scuffles to break out there.

Speaking after prayers, Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary called on Muslims not to vote in the UK’s general elections in May.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police, whose name was not mentioned in reports, said there were no arrests as crowds dispersed in the evening.

Mohamed Drali, an Egyptian immigrant present at the scene said, “It’s a mosque. People come here to pray and to be honest all that they are doing is making it hard for people to come and go. We should be trying to live together.”

Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First, had earlier said that his group would protest against Choudary whenever the opportunity arises.

Far-right groups routinely stage protests across Britain, most of them turning violent.

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