8 Syrian soldiers beheaded by ISIS extremists in Hama

A new brutal video has been released by ISIS terrorists showing beheading of 8 Syrian soldiers in the Hama province.

The video was released on Sunday showing ISIS beheading Syria army personnel.

ISIS has been releasing similar videos showing beheadings of various nationalities, mostly Shia Muslims.

In February a similar video was released from Libya showing beheading of Christians Catholics. Same month, they also released a video showing Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.

The Takfiri Wahabi extremists, backed by Saudi, Qatar and the West, currently control parts of Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous crimes in the two countries, including mass executions and the beheading of people.

Recently, UK has shown willingness to train “moderate rebels” in order to assist them fighting Assad’s regime. However, it is yet to be established who the West consider “moderate”.


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